Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Handmade Spring Incense

You will need the following fresh or dried herbs:
Basil- for love, sex, to purify and protect
Juniper-prosterity, to fulfill dreams
Rose-love, matters of the heart
Vervain-all purpose love, protect and purify
Yarrow-love, protection, to set boundries
Palm-strength, abundance
Mugwort-protective, psychic energies
Oats- money, prosperity
Vetiver-curse braking attracts money and luck
Myrrh-healing and protective, power booster
Dragonsblood- protective, psychic protection (when added to franincense and myrrh)power booster
Frankinsence-attracts happiness and good health, purifys and drives out evil
Poppy Seeds-dreamy effect
Valerian- protection and love
Ginger- lust
Clove- attracts money
Goldenrod- money
Parsley- love
Rice- luck and love booster
Hi John-booster for money
Flax- beauty
Rosemary- love and lust
Orange peel (dried)- love and money
Bay leaves- money
Sage- protective and cleansing, banishing

*I used  all dried  herbs and once all ingredients are spooned into mortar bowl grind with pestle in clockwise direction until all is finely ground, then lite a charcoal and spoon the incense /herb blend onto the charcoal- use in cauldron or fireproof container.
Obviolusly I was doing an Ostara and spell for love, beauty, romance, and money.
I was astounded at how wonderful the ingredients smelled even before I burned them!
The herbs all have many jobs. I used what I had on hand ( a small spoonfull or a pinch) to make this blend. I love playing around with the herbs and seeing what I can come up with. If you have any of the incense left over -seal it in a clean, labeled and dated (tightly closed) container for another time.
Also you dont have to use every single ingredient I did for this- use what you have. I used orange peel that I dried myself on newspaper after eating oranges in the house. Rose - is dried roses I recived awhile back. Etc. You also can use regular spices that can be found in the stores : basil, ginger, rosemary. etc

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