Monday, May 24, 2010

Products Available

Now that all of the oils carriers and bottles and toppers and labels and things we needed have arrived - the blending has begun. Carrying a variety of products for health and wellness also for aromatherapy.
Each product is hand blended for you - at the time of your order. Then into each item blended a special ingredient is added to give your blend a "kick" or a "bit of magick".
The products are as follows:
~Bath Salts : $10.50 ea
Sprinkle the salts into your bath while running hot hot water ( as the salt is very coarse ) the salts can be blended for scent only ( seduction, romance or just your fave scent) or for wellness: sleep, relaxation, helping with colds and flu,congestion, coughs, allergies, arthritis, skin conditions, beauty etc.Can relax the muscles and the mind - proven to alleviate pain and helps with mental strain and fatigue. Used regularly will help the skin to be supple and soft and creates a marked difference in health/ wellness to all who use them.
~Bath Oils: Sm: $9.50 Lg: $12.50/ ea
 again for your needs, be it for the scent ( your fave perfume) or for wellness - skin conditions, cold, allergies, coughs, respiratory complaints, sleep, muscle aches, arthritis, joint pain, relaxation, or to set a mood.
~Body/Massage Oils-$15.00- ea
used for after the bath to continue the aromatherapy or healing process. Can be used for massage ( sensual or for tired/achy muscles,for cramps, pain, relaxation, healing, to help with illness and breathing complaints as well)
~Health Products in a bottle Sm:$9.50 Lg. $12.50 -ea
use for aromatherapy to cleanse the air (room sprays) or to freshen a room or fabric surface. Cleanses the vibe of an area as well. Can be used in a tart burner with a little water in the well along with the oils and a tea lite candle to scent a room and reap the benefits of these amazing natural products. Have been proven to enhance the mood and promote a better, healthier environment.Can be used to help you relax and promotes restful sleep, can be used, by application directly to the skin, to speed up the healing of skin irritations and conditions, use for cuts and scrapes, bruises, bites/stings and burns.Can help with acne or wrinkles. Winter time cold/flu blend is proven to be an anti viral and anti bacterial and cleanses the air with a gentle and relaxing natural scent. Use as a steam or straight from the bottle inhalation for an expectorant effect and to soothe allergies or colds. Can help with headaches or migraines. Also use for muscle aches and strains, arthritis and menstrual cramps. Helps with nausea. Also use in cool- mist humidifier in the winter season to help with common colds and illnesses. Use in a business office to freshen and cleanse the air along with setting an uplifting and cheery mood to the entire room. Can be used as a compress to help with many health complaints. There is no end to the uses of these wonderful products.
~Personal Perfume/Cologne- Sm. $9.50- Lg. $12.50-ea
 hand blended for you- your very own personal scent. The use of essential oils when blended correctly, is proven to enhance everything from your mood to helping you change you habits (diet or quit smoking). Can uplift your mood or help you to relax. When applied to the pulse points will help with depression or anxiety, lower stress levels and promote a peaceful and cheery attitude. Can be used ( depending on the blend) for romance and attraction. Also can focus the mind and help concentration and memory. Can be used to help you relax and promotes restful sleep. Can be used to attract positive things to you and to keep the negative vibes away.  There is no end to what these amazing gifts from nature can do for you when blended and used properly and regularly.

* in every product I blend there is a special added ingredient that brings a touch of "magic" to your life. It is infused with blessings and good intent and positive vibes.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

every day brings me closer

Well every day more of my stuff is coming thru the mail to begin the blending and business. I am waiting on bottles and one huge order of oils. I am feeling impatient lol Ready to blend and sell. I have decided that the products I start with will be as follows: Bath salts~ Bath oils~ Hand Blended Perfume and Cologne~Aromatherapy items such as room sprays and oils to burn in a tart burner.
There will be items to benefit health and wellness and also to just make you smell wonderful. Along with a bit of "oomph " or a touch of "magick" in every bottle for each persons needs or wants. I am very excited to start and know that once things begin it will be an amazing journey. Blessings