Monday, April 6, 2015

Your spiritual fragrance transforms the atmosphere of the world.

Like an incense stick transforms the atmosphere in a room

The incense stick spreads its fragrance reguardless of the conditions and people in the room.

                                              ~Brahma Kumaris

Thursday, March 28, 2013


  ~    The Moon &  Weather  ~

~Pale Moon doth rain, red Moon doth blow, white Moon doth neither rain nor snow.

~Clear Moon, frost soon.

~a dark mist over the Moon is a promise of rain.

~the Full Moon eats the clouds away

~a New Moon and a windy night sweep the cobwebs out of sight

~a red Moon is a sure sign of high winds

~blunt horns on a crescent Moon presage a long spell of fair weather

~a single ring around the Moon that quickly vanishes, heralds fine weather

~when the New Moon holds the old Moon in its arms (ring around the New Moon) disasters at sea will occur

~sharp horns on the sickle Moon indicate strong winds

~and should the Moon wear a halo of red, a tempest is nigh.

{excerpt from Moon Lore}

[taken from The Witch' s Almanac- Spring 2013 - Spring 2014]  

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Spell For A Sweetie

*taken frm Llewellyn's Spell A Day Almanac

A Spell For A Sweetie:
Today is Sweetest Day! Originally a holidat celebrated locally in the NE United States, this sweet holiday is growing in popularity.
This is a day to celebrate your friends, lovers and loved ones.
So with that thought in mind, here's a spell for your sweetie.
We have a waxing Moon today so this is the perfect time to work for
increasing love. Place a pink candle in a holder and arrange a few rose
quartz stones around the candle-light the candle,visualizing your love
Then repeat this charm(say): " May the gods smile down on us both this
day. May our partnership be blessed,come what may.The color pink for my
Sweetheart and rose colored stones, will gently strengthen our love, no matter
where we roam. For the good of all, with harm to none. By Fire and Earth,this charm is done!
Blessed Be~
*posted from my Blackberry Bold- bear with me- hope it turns out ok!
Happy Sweetest Day to you and yours!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Personal Perfumes

**(taken from the book: Aromatherapy Pocketbook- by Kendra Grace)pg 104-105
Here the author talks about how and why she makes blends for her clients - it is copied right from the book - in the authors words.
 I am posting it- because it really does make sense and is exactly how I feel about blending for my clients!

"....I became aware of the potential that perfumes have in therapy, especially if the perfume making is done with true botanical oils, which have therapeutic properties.

I have the firm belief that people can access emotional healing and mental harmony by using a personalized perfume, one that contains all of their best memories with favorable emotional content. That is how I began to blend perfumes- by making personal perfumes for clients that I considered "patients". I created sessions in which  clients go thru a screening process where they smell and grade between 24 and 30 EO's and absolutes.
This method uses a kit containing aromas in a set of vials, into which I placed small pieces of blotter paper containing a drop or two of each EO and a chart to note the differences.  The different smells were screened for -2 for sure rejection, -1 for dislike, 0 for a feeling of neutrality, +1 for positive reaction, and +2 for a definite aroma preference.After creating this chart by smelling the aromas, the client turns the scores over to me. At this point , I create the perfume according to their preferences and achieving the right balance between base, middle and top notes.
(base notes- the fixers of the botanical perfumery, they are less volatile and keep other oils in the blend from evaporating too quickly.
middle notes- equalize oppositions, their job it to integrate, becoming invisible- one can sense their work, but cant remember their personality as easily as those of the other oils.
top notes- these make a quick strong presence and disappear so that you can't catch them, important because they add that unforgettable spark to the blend that makes it interesting)

I find this to be a unique method, not only because there is nothing more emotional and aromatically empowering to an individual that a custom made perfume, but also because the process itself is theraputic to the client and educational for the aromatherapy perfumer. I have learned so much about people's personalities and their problems, what seems to empower them and how all this realtes to the character of the different oils, in a perspective of psycho- aromatherapy.

When I am blending a personal perfume for someone, I feel that person telling me how to compose a certain harmony having to do with their very best , then I put it in a bottle."

Monday, August 23, 2010

The science of Essential Oils

Finally got my hands on the Physicians Desk Reference of Essential Oils  ( 4th edition)
WOW this book is HUGE- and hard to find- will eventually have to give in and buy it. Finding out so much MORE than I knew before- this is one subject that is always growing and expanding -as its being researched constantly. I am always searching for books and furiously copying everything into my notebooks as fast as I can- there's no way I could afford every one of the amazing books I've found at my local Library and thru Search Ohio. If you don't use your library, really you should - its an amazing source of free information or just plain enjoyment. My focus has been on learning- so the books I brought home for enjoyment are untouched as of yet.

Today almost every product you see advertised on TV and on the shelf in any store contains EO's ( essential oils), from your hair color to your laundry detergent and cleaning supplies, your soap and shampoo, your candles and air fresheners. The issue here is that in most cases the EO's are synthetic - this means they duplicate the scent of say- sandalwood - which is now a very rare and expensive oil, as is rose and roman chamomile- in fact it takes approx 760lbs of lavender plant to create approx 68 oz or 8 cups of Lavender EO.
Then we get into how the plants and resins are chemically broken down to get their scent in an oil. Its alot of work - just like science labs create rubies and other gemstones - for reasons such as the real thing is hard to come by or they are less expensive when lab created. Lab created EO's are not pure and usually don't contain any part of the plant or resin its derived from. These synthetic "oils" are actually harmful to us and the environment. The chemicals in these "oils" cause breathing issues and skin irritation and , I have found, make people believe that what they are smelling is the "real" scent of a product- for example- I have been told," I cant take rose its so sickening sweet it gives me a headache", but real rose is a pure clear scent with a green undertone. Its actually quite beautiful and there's a world of difference in real EO's and synthetic ones- even in perfumes and colognes they use synthetic EO's and then add other chemicals to ensure the stuff doesn't go rancid and that it blends- and has staying power.
Real EO's have healing power and they alone can change your life.

EO's and human blood share several common properties. They fight infection , contain hormone-like compounds and initiate regeneration. Working as the chemical defense mechanism of the plant, EO's possess potent anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties. They also ward off attacks by insects and animals.

The ability of some EO's to work as hormones helps them to bring balance to many physiological systems of the human body. Oils, like clary sage and sage contain sclerol, for example,have an estrogenic action. EO's also play a role in initiating the regeneration process for the plant, the same way the blood does for the human body. The similarity goes even deeper. EO's have a chemical structure that is similar to that found in human cells and tissues. This makes EO's compatible with human protein and enables them to readily be identified and accepted by the body.

EO's have a unique ability to penetrate cell membranes and diffuse thru-out the blood and tissues. The unique lipid- soluble structure of EO's is very similar to the makeup of our cell membranes. The molecules of EO's are relatively small which enhances their ability to penetrate into the cells. When topically applied to the feet or elsewhere, EO's can travel thru-out the body in a matter of minutes.

The ability of some EO's, like clove, to decrease the viscosity (or thickness) of the blood can also enhance circulation of the blood also enhance circulation and immune function. Adequate circulation is vital to good health, since it affects the function of every cell and organ.
Research indicates that when EO's are diffused, they can increase atmospheric oxygen and provide negative ions which in turn, inhibits bacterial growth . This suggests that EO's could play an important role in air purification and neutralizing odors.

Because of their ionizing action, EO's have the ability to break down potentially harmful chemicals and render them non toxic. In the human body, EO's stimulate the secretion of antibodies and enzymes. Oils containing limonene have been shown to prevent and slow the progression of cancer. Other oils, like lavender, have been shown to promote the growth of hair and increase the rate of wound healing. Importantly, because of their complexity, EO's do not disturb the body's natural balance or homeostasis : if one constituent exerts too strong and effect, another constituent may block or counteract it.

Synthetic chemicals, in contrast,usually only have one action and often disrupt the body's homeostasis.

Friday, July 30, 2010

What Are Essential Oils?" Let the Spirit of the plant heal you! "

Taken From: Aromatherapy Pocketbook~ By: Kendra Grace

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are very volatile substances produced from botanical sources. They are the concentrates of aromatic molecules or a plant or its parts; they can be considered the hormones of the plant, as they seem to control certain functions of plant life, including the temperature and the immune system. Essential Oils are also similar to a hormone in that they can stimulate or slow down biological function of cell metabolism. Many people think of essential oils as the "spirit" of the plant.

What Does The Word Botanical mean?

Botanical is a frequently misused word that, when applied correctly, means "from plant origin" . A true botanical oil has not been created by synthesis in a laboratory, but has been distilled or extracted from the plant, or its parts.

What Are Essential Oils Made Of?

Essential oils ( EO's ) are compositions made of the basic organic elements : carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, forming alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ketones, oxides, phenols, and terpenes. An Eo can contain between 10 and 200 components and other trace compounds that are very difficult to analyze. Each EO has more or less complex composition. Some are very simple, as in the case of sandalwood: containing 95%of one compound - an alcohol called santalol- and 5 % of combines composition.
EO's form very interesting and specific molecules that react against such microorganisms as bacteria and viruses. Such molecules can sometimes form a vitamin composition or a hormone type chemical.

Are Synthetic Oils Chemically the same as Botanical Oils?

There are chemists who like to proclaim that synthetic and botanical oils are chemically the same; however, the botanical oils have been proven by experience over thousands of years to have therapeutic or healing properties. The same cannot be said about the synthetic oils. In fact, the opposite is true. (Jean Alnet, M.D., The Practice Of Aromatherapy, P27)
It is my belief that the oils from a plant that grew out of soil under sunshine and rain has an extremely different action to communicate to the human body than an oil born of laboratory synthesis. The action is unique to a botanical oil because its balance formed out of a holistic situation.
Since our bodies are natural living organisms, it makes sense that the extract from another natural living organism would have a more harmonious and efficient interactions than it would with a synthetic compound existing under no living matrix. Can we create ocean water in the lab to be the same as the ocean? 
Synthetic oils may be too "pure" too simple a composition, and not able enough to perform the same complex functions as botanical oils. One may say that trace elements aren't important ans that they make a composition "impure"; however, it is known that if humans occupying the space shuttle mission were away from the Earth long enough, surviving solely on synthetic compounds, then trace elements would become indispensable to sustain their lives.
Why do aromatherapists speak of EO's having life force? I think that perhaps the minute and difficult to analyze trace elements may hold that part of the compositions that pertains to to what we call life force. Our systems can "recognize" and respond to the living balance ( the natural signals) of the botanical oils. One of the important revelations od the rediscovery of aromatherapy is the memory of EO's as life giving substances, which has been lost to the West since the industrial revolution.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Products Available

Now that all of the oils carriers and bottles and toppers and labels and things we needed have arrived - the blending has begun. Carrying a variety of products for health and wellness also for aromatherapy.
Each product is hand blended for you - at the time of your order. Then into each item blended a special ingredient is added to give your blend a "kick" or a "bit of magick".
The products are as follows:
~Bath Salts : $10.50 ea
Sprinkle the salts into your bath while running hot hot water ( as the salt is very coarse ) the salts can be blended for scent only ( seduction, romance or just your fave scent) or for wellness: sleep, relaxation, helping with colds and flu,congestion, coughs, allergies, arthritis, skin conditions, beauty etc.Can relax the muscles and the mind - proven to alleviate pain and helps with mental strain and fatigue. Used regularly will help the skin to be supple and soft and creates a marked difference in health/ wellness to all who use them.
~Bath Oils: Sm: $9.50 Lg: $12.50/ ea
 again for your needs, be it for the scent ( your fave perfume) or for wellness - skin conditions, cold, allergies, coughs, respiratory complaints, sleep, muscle aches, arthritis, joint pain, relaxation, or to set a mood.
~Body/Massage Oils-$15.00- ea
used for after the bath to continue the aromatherapy or healing process. Can be used for massage ( sensual or for tired/achy muscles,for cramps, pain, relaxation, healing, to help with illness and breathing complaints as well)
~Health Products in a bottle Sm:$9.50 Lg. $12.50 -ea
use for aromatherapy to cleanse the air (room sprays) or to freshen a room or fabric surface. Cleanses the vibe of an area as well. Can be used in a tart burner with a little water in the well along with the oils and a tea lite candle to scent a room and reap the benefits of these amazing natural products. Have been proven to enhance the mood and promote a better, healthier environment.Can be used to help you relax and promotes restful sleep, can be used, by application directly to the skin, to speed up the healing of skin irritations and conditions, use for cuts and scrapes, bruises, bites/stings and burns.Can help with acne or wrinkles. Winter time cold/flu blend is proven to be an anti viral and anti bacterial and cleanses the air with a gentle and relaxing natural scent. Use as a steam or straight from the bottle inhalation for an expectorant effect and to soothe allergies or colds. Can help with headaches or migraines. Also use for muscle aches and strains, arthritis and menstrual cramps. Helps with nausea. Also use in cool- mist humidifier in the winter season to help with common colds and illnesses. Use in a business office to freshen and cleanse the air along with setting an uplifting and cheery mood to the entire room. Can be used as a compress to help with many health complaints. There is no end to the uses of these wonderful products.
~Personal Perfume/Cologne- Sm. $9.50- Lg. $12.50-ea
 hand blended for you- your very own personal scent. The use of essential oils when blended correctly, is proven to enhance everything from your mood to helping you change you habits (diet or quit smoking). Can uplift your mood or help you to relax. When applied to the pulse points will help with depression or anxiety, lower stress levels and promote a peaceful and cheery attitude. Can be used ( depending on the blend) for romance and attraction. Also can focus the mind and help concentration and memory. Can be used to help you relax and promotes restful sleep. Can be used to attract positive things to you and to keep the negative vibes away.  There is no end to what these amazing gifts from nature can do for you when blended and used properly and regularly.

* in every product I blend there is a special added ingredient that brings a touch of "magic" to your life. It is infused with blessings and good intent and positive vibes.

You can find me on FaceBook under AngelHawk's Apothecary and I take orders via email as well at