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7 Chakras

-the root chakra is located at the base of the spine and it is the root, the foundation of consiousness.
-here are the survival instincts and desires for pleasure and procreation
-the root level of consciousness deals with all the issues of the material world and the struggles of life that go along with physical existance.
-Tells you what you need for survival as an individual. Problems will occur when you arent grounded, often this occurs when you are trying to take care of another persons welfare and neglecting your own.

-the first center of emotional consiousness, where you reach out and build relationships with others
-associated with intimacy, trust, sexual relationships and how you communicate basic feelings
- the center of creativity
-problems here often occur when you are too open to the feelings of others, this can cause you to enter into a sypathetic state of complicity with them and to duplicate their emotions, when this happens youre acting off their data, not your own - therefore, you need to learn how to distinguish between the emotions of others and your own.

- is the center of power, ruling a basic fight or flight response
-the issues of self-image, self esteem, the loss of power, creating fear and anger
-associating with issues of control - how we control ourselves, how we control others or how we let ourselves be controlled
-problems can occur here when you constantly give in to the demands of avaricious people: the kind of folks who want your energy, money, property and support with no strings attatched. When you habitually give in to the demands of others you deplete your energy reserves and sense of self.

-is the realm of love and connecting to others on an emotional level without need or control being the motivating factor
-at this level, we explore empathy and relationships (family, friends, romance, spiritual and unconditional love)
- the bridge between lower and higher chakras
-problems occur here when you are out of affinity with your higher self, if you cannot look at yourself with love, you cannot give or recieve love.

- is the chakra of communication and expressing your ideas, the energy center for speaking also the power of listening
-here we express the will of our lower chakras, giving word and form to things that are often seen as intangible, the expressed will is the power of the magic word.
-problems occur here when your communicationwith others is not clear, direct and honest. We all communicate and grow thru our words and emotional expressions. Let go of unfinished conversations, unspoken thoughts and try to focus on the present.

-the realm of psychic sight, seeing images of both past, present and future and projecting magical concepts of what you wish to create
-the image of ourselves in action and as a spiritual center and represents trancending the dualities of the world and finding one-ness.
-thru this chakra individual consciousness is expanded into Universal Consciousness and allowed to merge with Universal Mind.
-problems occur in two ways- first- when people want you to see the world their way, whic is considered social conditioning. Second, is when people plug into your personal consciousness and try to see where you are thereby forcing validation. It is the " I want you to see me the way I want to see you" this creates and enormus amount of personal tension- its best to clear your life of people who are incapable of recognizing your individuality.

CROWN CHAKRA: Violet/White
- divinity, spirituality and connection to the Source are all in the realm of the crown chakra
-described as a blinding light, brighter than a million suns or a thousand petaled lotus, the totality of the crown chakra, in many ways, is beyond most human understanding
-located at the top of the head and above and outside the body, this chakra is the idea of unconditional spiritual love and connection to all that we aspire
- it is the soul, the higher self, the divine consciousness
-problems here come from people trying to own or manipulate you. Such situations block communication between you and your higher self. Dont allow others to manipulate you in to a situation where you feel incompetent and without a thought of your own.


Physical plane- root chakra responds to the gross plane of matter - the physical realm- because its needs are of the physical world. Caring for the physical body by getting the food, sleep, shelter and sensation is needed.

Etheric Plane-is the primal pattern which material reality is built, it is like the energetic structure, skeleton or grid.  The elemental planes and nature spirits are said to reside in this realm, close to the material realm, helping to build it- but not a true part of the physical. This is the first layer of the aura, often viewed as a white light around the body. Breaks and injuries can be sensed in the etheric body as weaknesses and escaping energy, even if the physical body has healed.

Astral Plane- is a more fluid and symbolic pattern of the physical. Everything has an astral double, but not everything astral- such as many spirits and entities - has a physical body.  The astral is more maleable to our will, so our self-image is often the appearance of our astral self, not our literal image. Dreams and visions can often occur on the astral level.

Emotional Plane- sometimes referred to as the upper astral, containing the highest and purest of the astral plane.  Here, are the astral connections we build through relationships, empathy and love. Here are the powers of higher creation, where in order to manifest magic, emotion and ideally- love.

Mental Plane- is the realm of ideas and design. Here is where creation is first expressed as a concept, word or form. It is said that the clearer more detatched, spirit teachers- exist on the mental plane, above the more distracting realms.

Psychic Plane- has many alternate names, including the higher mental plane. Here is the realm of psychic energy, where divine power becomes light- the inner psychic light that connects us all. This light radiates thru the planes below and becomes the light of our visons and creations.

Divine Plane- encompasses and permeates all things, in Hermetic Magick - an axion known as the Principle of Mentalism says: "We are all thoughts in the divine mind. We are all divine creations, made of divine energy." On this plane of exisitance, we are all connected and all one. Our divine bodies are all connected and understand eachother implicitly, seeing the pattern of all planes below.

***as to giving credit- I am unsure of where alot of the info came from as I found it in one of my many BOS' and usually, I credit the book and the author at the top of the page (somewhere) and I did not in this case, but parts of the info are from the book: "Secrets Of Modern Witchcraft Revealed" by: Lady Sabrina a much battered and well loved book in my collection - I reccomend it to everyone!  tomorrow we cover a chakra clearing therapy .....
Blessings! E.M./R.A.H

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