Monday, March 29, 2010

Seven Knot Love Spell

From Silver Ravenwolf's : The Ultimate Book Of Shadows For the New Generation Solitary Witch

The symbol of the knot relates to tying something together, or to keeping something stable. Stability in astrological magick would include the fixed signs of Aquarius (air), Leo (fire),Taurus (earth) and Scorpio(water). With this in mind, you could cast this spell when the moon is in any of the signs (check a magickal/planetary almanac) or you could fine tune your enchantment by considering the nature of the sign. Air speeds, fire encompasses, water cleanses, and earth roots. Call on the four elements to ensure success.

4 ribbons- 17 inches long-in red,(passion) white (purity) green (growth) and blue (wisdom)
2 small bells (to thread onto the ends of the ribbons)
perfume or aftershave
a lock of your own hair

Cleanse and consecrate and empower all items ( this means to hold them in or thru all elements (incense smoke, salt, water, and over a candle flame - state their purpose while doing this)

Take the ribbons and place one on top of the other ,ends matching. Recite the following as you tie each knot, beginning in the center of the ribbon bunch and working your way out on each side.
"With knot of one, this love's begun.( tie)
With knot of two, this love shines thru (tie)
With knot of three, love comes to me (tie)
With knot of four, my heart will soar (tie)
With knot of five, this spells alive (tie)
with knot of six, the love is fixed (tie)
With knot of seven, by blood and kin (tie)
This spell is cast and love somes in!
Force and form attend to me,
as I will so mote it be!"

Thread a bell on each end of the ribbon bunch, attatch your lock of hair. Spray ribbon with perfume or aftershave saying: " The breath of Goddess sparks the flame. True love lives and knows my name."
Tie ribbon bunch around ankle, wrist onto purse or place into pocket.
Each night for 7 nights repeat  "the breath of  Goddess" charm 7 times while swinging the ribbons in a clockwise direction. On the 8th night hang the ribbons over your bed and leave them there. Anytime you loose confidence ring the bells. Don't forget love magick requires patience!

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